Why invest in loans?

With Welfio, investments in loans are finally simple and more profitable.

#1 High returns 🚀

While investing in loans, you can earn expect to earn 12%+ annually in regular
interest income. This allows obtaining returns much higher than for investments
in traditional assets like bonds or deposits.

#2 Anyone can invest 🙌

Other asset classes might require a substantial capital to start investing. Loans are
accessible starting from 50 EUR. As a result, you can start investing in loans regardless
of your portfolio size and investment experience.

#3 Strong diversification 💪

Diversify across different marketplaces, countries, and loan types. Loans will
strengthen your returns even when other investments like stocks struggle.

#4 Stable income 💸

Loan investments generate a fixed monthly or quarterly (in rare cases annual) interest
income. The returns from loans are, therefore, predictable, regular, and stable.

#5 Automated investing process ⚙️

Time is money. Most platforms offer you to automate investments and use the time
for other more important things.

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